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BH Fitness TR Series Twister L430

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By engaging your abdominals, the L430 allows total control and a more natural movement.

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The Rotary Torso machine gives multi-position settings to provide a personal fit while the shoulder pads and hand grips stabilize the body during exercise for added comfort and stability. No matter whether you are after a toned stomach or an impressive six-pack – anyone training their abs should be careful not to neglect their lateral abdominal muscles. The CAM weight system delivers a desired resistance curve through an entire range of motion and the 4mm thick steel frame provides durability.

  • Pre-stretch adjustment gives a multi-position pre-stretch setting which provides a personalized fit
  • Shoulder pads and hand grips stabilize the body during exercise for comfort and stability
  • Cams are used to deliver the bio-mechanically correct resistance curve through the entire range of motion
  • Color coded weight stack with three levels of intensity for quick weight changes
  • Adjustable seat with quick-release lever enables easy and fast position adjustments
  • Full-length front and rear shrouds keep hands and dirt out of the weight stack area



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Length 118.5 cm
Width 122 cm
Height 149 cm
Weight Stack 68 kg
Machine Weight 225 kg