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Basic Steps to Setting Up Your Own Home Gym
calendarNov 16, 2022

According to a report in 2018, 42% of Singaporeans engage in at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week. And ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, more Singaporeans are seen actively participating in sports and fitness activities, as well as keeping fit in their own ways through jogging in the park or fol..

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5 Considerations Before Buying from a Gym Equipment Supplier
calendarNov 09, 2022

Are you thinking about starting a gym business? One of the most important aspects of a gym is the equipment, and getting it from the right supplier is essential for a successful business. However, finding a reliable supplier to work with can be difficult when there are so many companies offering s..

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How To Properly Sanitise Your Gym To Keep It Safe For Members
calendarNov 02, 2022

Gyms have high-touch surfaces that may cause bacteria and germs to spread easily. Here's how to properly sanitise your gym equipment and keep your gym clean.

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5 Cardio Machines For Weight Loss And Cardiovascular Health
calendarOct 18, 2022

Having exercise equipment at home gives you a reason to stay active and keep fit. Here are five cardio machines you should invest in to make exercising easy.

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Difference Between Upright Bikes and Recumbent Bikes
calendarSep 12, 2022

document.querySelector("script").remove(); Stationary exercise bikes are excellent pieces of gym equipment for getting in some aerobic exercise. Running, jogging, and jumping are all exercises that can put a lot of strain on your joints and hips, but a stationary bike provides a challenging and effective..

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