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BH Fitness TR Series Seated Row L290

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Rowing machine that allows a natural and adapted movement thanks to the 360º rotating grips.

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Our Seated Rowing machine allows for a natural and adapted movement, thanks to the 360º rotating grips. Our seated cable row machine develops the muscles of the back and the forearms. It is an excellent all-around compound exercise for developing the middle back (lateral muscles) while offering useful arm work as well. The seated cable row is performed on a weighted horizontal cable machine with an adjustable seat bench and foot plates. The ergonomically correct diverging axis provides a natural and more complete range of motion and allows users a custom workout. An articulating chest pad provides a personalized fit and the 360-degree swiveling hand grips allow for an entire range of motion.

  • Articulating chest pad offers a personalized fit and stabilizes the body during exercise
  • 360° Swiveling hand grips provide a comfortable grip through the entire range of motion
  • Ergonomically correct diverging axis provides a natural and more complete range of motion
  • Color-coded weight stack with three levels of intensity for quick weight changes
  • Adjustable seat with quick-release lever enables easy and fast position adjustments
  • Easy walk-through design for safe entry and exit

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Length 157.5 cm
Width 109.22 cm
Height 149 cm
Weight Stack 91 kg
Machine Weight 212 kg