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TuffStuff Fitness CT8 Fitness Training System

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The Tuff Stuff Fitness CT8 Fitness Training System ignites a revolution in Functional Fitness! Made in the USA from materials only seen in the highest quality commercial strength equipment, the CT8 offers modular options, design elements and customization for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The creative modular design gives personal trainers, studio owners and full service fitness facilities the ability to build custom exercise stations that best suit their individual and group fitness needs. With the TuffStuff Fitness CT8 Fitness Training System, fitness professionals can develop an avalanche of training protocols for large groups, boot camps, individual programs and cross conditioning circuits that emphasize every aspect of functional strength, flexibility and endurance.

The CT8 is the perfect training system for clubs and studios looking to save cost and floor space, while maximizing their training options for revolutionary gains in revenue and profitability. Let the Functional Training Revolution Begin! Shown with CT-8210 and CT-8220 Training Modules Medicine Balls, Stretch Bands, Ab Straps, CrossCore®, and Slastix™ Rope NOT Included.

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Medicine Ball Rebounder Training Module (CT-8210)ct-8210

The adjustable angled rebounder is the perfect training partner for incorporating a multitude of medicine ball exercises.  This module also include a storage rack that will accommodate any size medicine or slam ball and acts as a safety backdrop for those wild or errant tosses.

  • The Medicine Ball Rebounder works core, coordination and overall cardio endurance.
  • The 28″ diameter bounce platform is fully adjustable for a complete variety of exercises.
  • Perfect for beginner, intermediate or advanced movements, the medicine ball rebounder is also effective for rehabilitation and mechanical development exercises
  • The storage rack acts as a backstop while keeping your workout space clean and organized
  • Rebounder not recommended for use with medicine balls over 10 lbs or for stepping exercises
  • Medicine balls NOT included (sold separately)




ct-8220  Adjustable Step-Up / Stretch Training Module (CT-8220)

  The TuffStuff Fitness CT8 Fitness Training System is the most versatile training modules to be incorporated in the CT Group Training Series. The step-up platform is ideal for users of any age or ability, as the ladder can be used for added support    or balance. Otherwise, the user can rely strictly on core strength and balance without support from the ladder.  

  • The step up station is one of the most versatile modules on the rack – From simple step exercises to explosive plyometric routines, legs, glutes, core and cardio conditioning explode from this platform – The landing surface is textured for a safe and secure usage from all three angles
  • The fully adjustable step can be set for all performance and acceleration levels, or it can be removed completely to create easy access to the stretch ladder
  • For flexibility the ladder can be approached from inside or outside the CT8 to accommodate multiple users in a class or gym setting
  • Includes Step Platform Storage Rack



Battle Rope Training Module (CT-8230)ct-8230

The CT-8230 Battle Rope Training Module utilizes 2 adjustable height rope barrels, not only to set the height of the start or finish position, but to also increase the resistance above the actual weight of the training ropes by simply wrapping over 1 or both of the barrels.

  • The battle rope station is unique to the CT8 series – Shoulders and arms burn through a favorite of functional training fanatics
  • Battle rope exercises develop real world strength from the hands through the upper body, core, legs and back
  • Utilizes 2 adjustable height rope barrels, not only to set the height of the start or finish position, but to also increase the resistance above the actual weight of the training ropes by simply wrapping over one or both of the barrels
  • The fat pin positions on the CT8 are fully adjustable for different start positions and different resistance points
  • Every module comes standard with double welded lower loops for even more training options. Attaching stretch cords and Stroops Slastix™ allows your clients to work speed, agility and lateral movement with ease
  • Battle ropes NOT included (sold separately)


Kettle Bell Training Module (CT-8240)ct-8210

No circuit would be complete without including the multitude of exercises one is able to get with Kettle Bell, as well as, other accessories you wish to store on the racks.  The TuffStuff Fitness CT8 Fitness Training System is more of a storage rack, it eliminates the risk of someone tripping over the bells and having them all over your facilities floor.

  • Kettlebell training forces the entire body to perform functions that build strength while engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously
  • Used for strength training in Europe for decades, the kettle bell is a ball of iron with a handle that has steadily gained popularity in fitness centers across America – Kettlebells are easy to handle, simple to engage, and effective for class or individual use
  • Kettle muscle integration works lower body, upper body, coordination and strength at the same time with dynamic routines that deliver dramatic results
  • The multi-tiered rack also keeps your kettle bells, smash balls, medicine balls and small dumbbells organized and ready for action or storage
  • Kettlebells NOT included (sold separately)





Heavy Bag Training Module (CT-8250) ct-8250

What circuit is complete without including a heavy bag for those who like to train for boxing, MMA or simply to have a tool to take their frustrations out on while exercising?  The CT-8250 will accept any heavy bag from the traditional punching bag to the more elaborate bags used in Muay Thai and other martial art studios or gyms.

  • The CT8 Series is the only multi-use rack with a full size heavy bag option – Built tough to handle an 80 or 100 pound heavy bag without dominating the rest of your functional training system, cross trainers and self-defense enthusiast will appreciate this addition to their routines
  • Boxing, kickboxing and self-defense inspired movements generally require integration and develop lean strong muscles trained in motion – The heavy bag is an addition to your fitness options that just draws attention – People look at a heavy bag, smile, pull on their gloves and get to work
  • Will accept any heavy bag from the traditional punching bag to the more elaborate bags used in Muay Thai and other martial arts studios or gyms
  • Heavy bag NOT included (sold separately)






Dual Adjustable Pulley with Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar Module (CT-8260)

The CT-8260 is best way to incorporate functional training, and enable nearly unlimited exercise variety.  The module includes two (2) 200 lb weight stacks as well as a free Accessory Kit (CT-8380) with a Squat Bar, Low-Row Bar, and Ankle Strap.








• Structural main frameareconstuctedof3”x3” and2”x3”x.120 (11-gauge) tubular steel with acombination of1”,1-1/4”and2” roundandother11-gaugetubular steel.

• Weldedconstruction byinert-gas welding.

• All mountingplateconnectorsare3/8”thickcoldrolledsteel.

• Floor mountanchorplates madeof1/4”gradesteel.

• Electrostaticallyappliedpowder coat finish.

• All frameboltsand nutsarebluezincplatedgrade5

. • 1/4”non-slipaluminum treadbright stepplatform.

• Mustbeboltedsecurelytoasolidandlevel surfacebya licensedcontractor