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BH Fitness TR Series DECLINE BENCH L855

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In addition to offering a full variety of exercise, it ensures maximum comfort, durability, and safety with proper form.

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Our Olympic Decline Bench L855 is a stylishly designed, durable bench press with a single set up adjustment and stop hooks for an effective and unsupervised training. The first benefit of the decline bench press is that it targets the lower portion of your chest better than the flat bench as well as the incline bench. This is extremely important if you really want your chest to be round, wide, and defined. Adding them into your lifting routine could really help you fix imbalances that you may have noticed in your chest due to lack of lower-pectoral stimulation and could help increase your chest strength greatly.

  • Three layer coating.
  • Injected core fireproof seat. Unlike the classic foam padded particle boards, the injected core offers the advantage of uniformity, anti-distortion and greater anti-bacterial protection.
  • 3 barbell catches for maximum support and allowing you the ability to train by yourself
  • Padded supports for comfort and safety


Length 210 cm
Width 166 cm
Height 137 cm
Machine Weight 85 kg